Steep Learning Curve

i think one of the things that appeals to me about this whole endeavor is the steep learning curve. that usually means there's a lot to it, a complexity that makes it all the more interesting. i'm almost done with the lessons in the book i got. it's pretty easy to tell that i'm just scratching the surface of what the program can do. Logic 8 is so new that there's not a lot of books out yet, but there's 2 promising looking ones coming out in a couple months.

i think the hard part is going to get people to record for me. to actually learn their parts well and lay down solid tracks. we'll see how that part goes. i still have to lay down the drums before i can worry about that. figure i'll be done with the lessons after this weekend and jump in next week.

finally broke down and bought DSL for the house. i was using my the G3 phone internet connection with my home computers but it just got frustrating. i forgot how damn fast dsl is.

i placed the order online. picked out the mid-tier plan. and i already had a DSL modem i'd used with Qwest from 3 years before. so there was a single fee. the price was pleasantly surprising, no hidden fees beyond taxes and a good rate for the speed. my only concern was that i'd only found 1 phone jack in the whole house. and it was wired a foot over to a connetion that looked like it was from the 50s. so the day came when the service was supposed to be turned on. i got a cd in the mail with walk-thru directions, and it all just fucking worked. i checked the download and upload speeds against what was advertised and they were spot on. amazing. that really tickled me.

and the local community college class schedule showed up in the mail so i flipped through it and found a really cool live recording class being offered. it's at a local studio that has clout so it'll probably fill fast. i signed up online right away -- even giving them my credit card info -- but i have no idea if i'll get in the class. i really hope so. i'll also be checking to see what other classes are offered in the area.

now when i put the new RAM in the machine and get it up to 4GB the only thing stopping me from making and distributing good music will be me. shit.

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