Alesis Micron and acupuncture

i've been wanting to get real keyboard/syth so i can practice my piano playing and maybe even play with some friends. seems like lots of people like to play with the alesis micron. and it's value on ebay is about as much as it goes for at guitar center or zzounds. i'd seen it at guitar center before so we went there saturday cause i was in the mood for buying since i was still waiting for my macbook and needed a toy. none of the stores had any in boxes.

well, i ordered it online when i got home and it should arrive wednesday. i need to possibly slow down and stop spending any more money! my toy list is pretty short now, so that's good.

on a side note. went to an acupuncturist today and found it interesting. he'd even heard of dystonia and brought up things only a knowledgeable person would bring up. and he seemed confident he could help. so i'm excited about that. definitely not getting my hopes up too high, but we'll see how it goes.

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