Oregon Night - off topic

A few days of sun and then tonight we get that oregon rain. It sounds like someone has the shower on upstairs kind of rain.

I feel like bitching a bit. But i'm also wondering about this blog Where to go with it. Keep it solely on topic or make it human and have it be my outlet for all things, not just music...

Well, i'll try to pull it all together. Not too personal blog, not too dry. I guess I see the reader being someone interested in home studio but into the soft side, too.

Maybe when I finally get my computer things will change. I'm still waiting for the replacement to arrive. They've received my faulty unit but have put off the new return ship date due to "busy fulfilling other orders." I just hope that doesn't mean they had an issue with my return. It does mean I won't see a new one by this weekend. That's a bummer.

Since we are talking about music... The band to see is Birdmonster. One of my favs from last year that is finally touring. Playing a club in portland that has no box office so i'm anxious aboujt it.

If I do a Skip's Picks this year they'll be heavily featured. From Frisco. I can say that.

Oh, and I hung some art in the house finally after a year and a half.. Not sure what that means. Makes me nervous. Am I worried about mob ility with the dystonia and sort of giving up?

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