music is something i'm passionate about. i don't seem to have a propensity for creating music, but i have a desire. i started dj'ing in 1995, with regular gigs for a long time. and i played drums in a few bands over the past six years. recently i was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called dystonia. so i've got to stop playing the drums for a while. while i sort out my mental, physical pieces.

i haven't played drums since late 2007, but i've been itching to make music. i'm not sure anything can replace the physical part of playing drums, but the intellectual side of my brain has always been intrigued by audio production. why not create my own music? i started thinking about setting up a simple computer-based home studio to play around on and maybe get the musical satisfaction i desire.

along the way i've learned a bit, and more often i've had questions. and a lot of ideas. so this will be a place for me to share what i've learned, get my writing fix, maybe learn some new stuff from reader comments, and keep a list of ideas i would like to pursue.

glad you came across the blog and hope you like it. feel free to leave a comment.

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